Range Hours

Exception to the following: All ranges are closed Thursday until the work party is done. Scheduled matches, work parties and maintenance activities take priority over general member/guest use of the ranges.

Rifle/Pistol range is open from 9:30 AM until 1 hour before sunset or 7:00 PM, whichever is earlier.
200 yd lanes are for members ONLY.

Archery Flat or 3D Ranges are open anytime there is enough light for it to be safe to shoot.
Shotgun and High Power (500yd) Are open ONLY for events opened by Shotgun or High power RSOs.

Upcoming events

    • 01/07/2016
    • 12/28/2017
    • 104 sessions
    • SRPA All Ranges

    Thursday Work Party - All Ranges Closed

    Generally everyone meets around 9 to 930 am and does various tasks for a few hours. People are able to show up and work for as long as desired. Make sure to sign in and out or your hours will not count towards the 10 hour yearly requirement.

    Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Archery and walk-through ranges are not available for use during the weekly Thursday work parties.

    • 05/13/2016
    • 08/10/2018
    • 17 sessions
    • SRPA 500 Yard Range House

    500 Yd Any Rifle Any Sights

    This is a practice session open to the general public and members. Practice matches are prone or bench rest.

    All practice sessions costs $10 each. 

    For 2017:  Arrive between 0830 and 0910 to register. Safety briefing promptly at 0910.  First shots down range at 0930.

    For 2018:  The times have been revised.  Sign in at the 500 yd line no later that 12:30 PM.  Shooting begins at 1:00 PM.

    Click Highpower for more information.

    • 05/14/2016
    • 08/11/2018
    • 25 sessions
    • SRPA 500 Yard Range House

    High Power Match 500 yd Prone

    Sign in at the club house between 7:45 AM and 9:00 AM.  Shooting begins at 9:30.

    All 2018 matches except May 12 and July 28 are "Approved."  Cost is $20.

    May 12 match is "Registered."  Cost is $25 plus team match and fees.

    July 28 match is "Registered."  Cost is $25.  Battle of Machias required.

    Click Highpower for more information.

    • 05/22/2016
    • 12/16/2018
    • 27 sessions
    • SRPA Rifle Range

    Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Match hunter and open classes.  Public is welcome.

    Match begins at 9:30 please arrive by 9 am for registration and safety briefing.

    • 01/20/2017
    • 03/10/2018
    • 115 sessions
    • SRPA Shotgun Range

    Shotgun Range open to the public.  $5.00 per round (25 clays).  $4.00 for active SRPA members.

    Please note that trap shooting usually ends around 11:30 to 12 noon depending on the number of shooters that day.
    Please arrive early to get in the queue.

    • 02/05/2017
    • 11/04/2018
    • 16 sessions
    • SRPA Pistol Range

    Bullseye Pistol match.  Public is welcome!

    Match starts at 9:30, please arrive by 9 am to check in and get a safety briefing.

    • 04/01/2017
    • 11/04/2017
    • 4 sessions
    • All Ranges

    Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


    This work party will count towards your ten hours of volunteer hours as adopted in our new bylaws. Please be sure to check in AT THE CLUBHOUSE when you arrive. Bring your outdoor tools if you have them! More specific info and tools needed will be announced in the week or so leading up to the actual date.

    Please keep in mind that the buildings and 60+
    acres are maintained exclusively by members
    so your willingness to volunteer at your club is
    important and encouraged.

    Those who have not already RSVP’d should do
    so by emailing rsvp@seattlerifle.org or leave a
    text or voice message to 425-780-6655.

    A fantastic lunch will be provided thanks to the wonderful Sharon Dobson. Thank you in advance for helping to maintain our beautiful
    facility. We look forward to seeing you there! 

    • 07/15/2017
    • 12/15/2018
    • 15 sessions
    • SRPA Rifle Range

    Cowboy Rifle/Hunter Pistol Silhouette Match hunter and open classes.  Public is welcome.

    Match begins at 9:30, please arrive by 8:45 am to register and attend the safety briefing.

    • 07/18/2017
    • 12/17/2019
    • 30 sessions
    • SRPA Clubhouse

    Monthly Board of Directors meeting.  Members are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

    • 07/22/2017
    • 12/22/2018
    • 16 sessions
    • Seattle Rifle

    Long Range Silhouette

    Match dates are subject to change.  Please check the calendar before travelling.

    Check in by 0900. Shooting starts at 0930.

    For more information, click  Long Range Silhouette

    • 08/28/2017
    • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    Pre-Hunting Season Archery Shoot (3-D and Flat)

    This event is open to Members and up to three guests for each member. All ranges except archery will be closed.
    Flat Range and one or two 3-d ranges will be open.
    3-D competition round and novelty shoot included.

    Time: 5-8pm  

    Members must accompany their guests at all times and are responsible for their guests while on the range and for their gate entry/exit.

    Everyone must sign-in at the flat range. (This includes any observers as well.)
    Guests are required to sign a club waiver form.

    All Participants must follow the posted archery range rules. Guests pay $10.00 - Members are free, but donations welcome.

    RSO on site - Curt L.

    • 09/09/2017
    • 10/04/2017
    • 9 sessions
    • Rifle Range

    Dial in your rifle for hunting season. 

    Open to the public. RSOs and other club members will be on duty to assist.

    • $15 per day (including members' guests). Exact change appreciated!
    • No charge for club members.
    • Signed liability waiver required prior to shooting.
    • Chamber flags required. Bring your own or buy one for $3.
    • 04/28/2018
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Seattle Rifle Shotgun Range

    This is a special PITA shoot. Registration for event is required and limited. Spaces filled up quickly last year.

    The range will once again need help keeping things moving and stocked. We used over 16,000 clays last year!

    Stay tuned for more details.  

    Last year's event here:  https://shootpita.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/SRPA-April-28-29-2017.pdf

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