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Presidents Message March 7, 2016

03/07/2016 12:00 PM | Anonymous


First the Rave: We held our first Bullseye pistol match on Sunday with a fair turn out. Winner was club member John Williams. Congratulations John!  Next match is April 3 2016 come out and give it a try.

Now for the Rant: I received an email (see below) from a concerned member in regards to the range use on Saturday March 5, 2016. So if you were on the range Saturday this is directed at you!

 I was at the rifle range today shooting and the lack of common sense exhibited by almost everyone there was ALARMING! Apparently the old members of the club don't believe that the range safety rules apply to them or their guests.

 Rules such as:

 1. Using safety flags

 2. Remaining behind the yellow safety line during cease fires.

 3. Not touching firearms on the bench during cease fires.

 4. Not going in front of the pistol bench to sweep up brass when the range is hot!

 5. Removing your finger from the trigger when the pistol is not pointed down range at a target.

 6. Refraining from pointing the pistol at the pistol bench with your finger still on the trigger!

 There were others. The way it is now there is no obvious way to tell if the other members there have been approved to shoot alone. Someone is going to get hurt!

These are serious range violations! This is a warning to all members that ALL RULES shall be followed by everyone. Next time I get a report such as this I will be going to the cameras, log book and gate entry logs and I will call members in to explain their actions to the board. Violations will be dealt the swiftly and severely.

If a RSO is on the line and observes this type of behavior I would expect him or her to address the offender. If you as a member are approached by a RSO about a safety violation they are pointing it out because they care about safety and the longevity of the range. I would expect nothing less than courtesy and compliance from the membership.




 Many members have not renewed yet and this is your last call.  You have until March 15, 2016 to have your renewals in if you would like to continue being a member.  Gate cards will be shut off starting March 16, 2016 no exceptions.


 NRA dues are increasing this year but we can still offer $25.00 memberships until the end of April.  Click this link for discounted memberships.


 Next work party is scheduled for Saturday March 26, 2016. We have a lot of work to do yet but the positive note is we are open and nearly back to normal operation. Mark your calendar now for the work party. Sharon Dobson will be providing lunch and that should be reason enough to attend.


 Dates for new member orientation will be out soon. Membership is a huge job and is even more complex now with our membership screening requirements. Please be patient.  All work is volunteer and they are working diligently to get it done.


 I will be conducting the firing line briefings on Saturday 3/19/16 directly following the Cowboy Silhouette match until 3 pm. Fred Brown is available to conduct the safety briefings on Thursdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am during the regularly scheduled weekly work day..

 Any questions please email president@seattlerifle.org.

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