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Presidents Message January 21, 2016

01/21/2016 4:00 PM | Anonymous


The berm has been inspected and approved by Snohomish County. I would like to thank Mac Engineering and Triple E construction for their work on the project.


At the January Board of Directors meeting it was decided that the range would open to members to shoot unsupervised starting February 1 2016. We still encourage all members to become RSO trained but it is not required for range use. What will be required is all members wishing to use the range must attend a FIRING LINE SAFETY BRIEFING.

This briefing will cover the SOP of the rifle and pistol range and the target standard placements. There have been many changes and we want the membership to be aware of them. The onsite briefing will accomplish this and should take less than 1 hour. At the end of the briefing the members will sign the range waver form acknowledging they understand the rules. This will be kept on file for one year. We will require this briefing each year after renewal or new members join.

I will start the briefings on Saturday 1/23/2016 from 8am until 12:00pm.  On Saturday 1/30/2016 from 8am until 12:00pm and on Sunday the same times. Fred Brown has agreed to hold briefings on Tuesday’s 10am until 1 pm. After the end of the month briefings will be held as needed to ensure members can access the range. Anyone caught using the range without the training will be reported to the board of directors for discipline. Their gate card will be shut off until they appear in front of the board and explain why the rules did not apply to them.

The 200 yard range will remain closed until the work is finished on the target standards and the ground stabilizes it’s still very soft. We have some new folks that will be working on the web site updating the calendar and upkeep of the site. There are a lot of new things coming our way so stay tuned we will be getting a newsletter out soon.

Kevin Knowles

Any questions please email president@seattlerifle.org

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