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President's Message, Work Party, Code of Conduct

05/26/2016 2:12 PM | Anonymous

It has been a busy year at Seattle Rifle and Pistol with many accomplishments and many people to thank for their work.

Annual General Meeting:  The annual club meeting is on June 18.  We will be voting on four upcoming vacant seats on the Board and announce new officers.  

5:00 pm Social / 6:00 pm Dinner / 7:00 pm General Meeting

Ballots will be available at the meeting.  Because of our new membership size, it is mandatory that you RSVP. Please email your RSVP by Monday June 11, 2016 by sending an email to rsvp@seattlerifle.org or leave a text or voice message to 425-780-6655. You can always purchase dinner tickets at the door. Please be sure to RSVP!

•    Adults (Age 13 up) $5.00 EA
•    Juniors (Age 6-12) $3.00 EA
•    Kids under 6 free

Status of Neighbor House:  We bought (and sold!) the house that was the cause of our lawsuit.  Many repairs were needed done on the house before we could put it on the market.  Many thanks to Ed Chin for his work with establishing a new banking relationship for the club in order to buy the house.  Thanks to Alec Schmitt for his work on the repairs and improvements that were needed.  

Berm Work:  We worked through the county permit process for the berm with the help of Fred Brown and Paul Bustard.  Paul also directed us to the contractor for the berm.  We could not have had a better contractor for the work.  He was willing to adhere to our schedule as much as possible and provided us with quality work.  This also opened up a new 200-yard range that will be completed soon.  Thanks to Tim Eddy and his crew for their work on our project.

Security Cameras:  We have new security cameras on the firing line and at the gate.  We also installed complete systems at the clubhouse and the shotgun range.  Thanks to the work of Ed Chin and one of his licensed electrician employees for the procurement of the systems and well as the installation.

Range is Open for General Shooting:  The range is back open to regular member use as long as you have completed the firing line briefing.  This will be a requirement every year at renewal.  We know we had some issues with memberships and I will take responsibility for the problems.  With the new requirements for membership it created a huge job for the membership folks and they did a great job given what was asked of them.  We have refined the process and hope we have resolved the issues.

Club Events Shooting Update:  We need more member participation in club events!  The pistol matches are fading please come out and participate as these matches are fun and very informal.  We have seen a slight increase in the silhouette matches and the high power matches seem to be picking up.  

Shotgun and PITA News:  Shotgun is running strong with the first ever PITA registered shoot.  The event was very well attended and many complements about the range and how the event was run.  The only problem was there was not enough help from club members who said they would help but for some reason did not.  Thanks to Jim Rankhorn and Cliff Nelson for organizing the event and doing all the paper work.  Fred Brown, Ralph Dobson and Dwight Hutchinson for keeping the traps loaded and running.  These three guys ran their tails off from 9 am until almost 8 pm.  This event would not have been possible without the very generous donations from Sharon and Ralph Dobson and Marylyn and Bud Solis.  Their donations purchased two of the three new trap machines.  

Work Parties:  The work parties have been well attended and much work has been accomplished thanks to all who attended.   Next work party is scheduled for June 4 hopefully we can finish the 200-yard target standards and be able to use the new range soon.  Pressure washing and prepping the buildings for paint is another item scheduled for the work party.  

Illegal Dumping:  We are having some problems with someone dumping house hold garbage in the archery trash cans and animal hides on the club property.  Please be advised if we catch you, you’re done and gone out of the club.  

Code of Conduct: Please remember that this is a family oriented club and behavior needs to be as such.  We have developed a Code of Conduct for club members to adhere to. Please see this posted on a new website forthcoming soon.  I have cut and pasted this at the bottom of this message for your convenience.

New Website and Membership Portal:  Ed Chin has been porting our existing website to a new platform that will streamline the Calendar and help automate the member sign up / renewal process.  It will be released in the next couple of weeks at http://www.seattlerifle.org.

Clean Up After your Dogs:  Please also remember that if you bring your dog to the range, you are responsible to police them because of complaints of dog poop on the trail to the clubhouse and at the archery range.  Don’t be that person that will cause us to ban all dogs on club property!

Demolition Contractor Needed:  We are in need of a demolition contractor who can take down the care takers house.  If you are or know of one please contact me.

Treasurer Position Needed:  Ed Chin will be stepping down as Treasurer in order to assume the Vice President position.  If you are interested in this position please email treasurer@seattlerifle.org, we are looking for a qualified individual that meets the following requirements:
•    Extensive experience of Quickbooks.
•    Relevant bookkeeping and treasurer experience.
•    Be able to generate profit/loss and balance sheet reports and understand them.
•    Be able to retrieve mail from Snohomish PO Box a few times a week.
•    Be able to reconcile quickbook accounts monthly with online banking balances.
•    Experience in using paypal from the merchant point of view.
•    Prepare the books for club CPA at close of calendar fiscal year.
•    Able to make physical and/or mobile deposits at Coastal and Key Banks (Snohomish or Monroe).
•    Have access to a scanner / copier to scan physical AR/AP items to submit to the Board in monthly reporting.
•    The treasurer will be expected to attend the monthly Board Meetings, write checks, handle cash and check deposits, manage online bill payments, and provide financial reports to the board at the monthly meetings.


I will be looking forward to meeting new members and continuing the work we have started to provide the best possible range experience for members and guests.


Any questions please email president@seattlerifle.org.


Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association (“SRPA”) Member Code of Conduct
SRPA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. To promote safety and comfort for all, all individuals are asked to act appropriately at all times when in our facility or participating in our programs.

We expect persons using SRPA ranges to act maturely, to behave responsibly, and to respect the rights and dignity of others. The actions listed below are not an all-inclusive list of behaviors considered prohibited in our facilities or programs.

•    Using or being under the influence of alcohol on SRPA property, in SRPA vehicles, or at SRPA-sponsored programs except at board-approved events (i.e the annual meeting).
•    Using, possessing or being under the influence of marijuana, illegal chemicals or illegal substances on SRPA property, in SRPA vehicles, or at SRPA-sponsored programs.
•    Note:  Although marijuana has been legalized in Washington, it remains an illegal substance under federal law. 
•    Smoking on SRPA property - SRPA and its property is a smoke-free environment.
•    Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behavior.
•    Physical contact with another person in an angry, aggressive, inappropriate or threatening way.
•    Verbally abusive behavior, including angry or vulgar language, swearing, name-calling, or shouting.
•    Sexually explicit conversation or behavior; any sexual contact with another person.
•    Theft or behavior that results in the destruction or loss of property.
•    Loitering within or on the grounds of the SRPA.

In addition, SRPA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been accused or convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse, is or has been a registered sex offender, has ever been convicted of any offense relating to the use, sale, possession, or transportation of narcotics or habit forming and/or dangerous drugs, or is presently or habitually under the influence of dangerous drugs or chemicals, narcotics, or intoxicating beverages.

Members and guests are encouraged to take responsibility for their personal comfort and safety by asking any person whose behavior threatens their comfort to refrain from such behavior. Anyone who feels uncomfortable in confronting a person directly should report the behavior to a staff member.

SRPA staff members are eager to be of assistance. Members and guests should not hesitate to notify a staff member if assistance is needed.
In order to be able to carry out these policies, we ask that members and guests identify themselves to staff when asked.

SRPA will investigate all reported incidents. Suspension or termination of SRPA membership privileges may result from a determination by the Board of Directors if in the Board’s opinion a violation of the SRPA Member Code of Conduct has occurred.

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