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Annual Range Safety Briefing 2017

04/20/2017 9:00 PM | Anonymous

Annual Range Safety Briefing (Existing SRPA Members Only)

All members and spousal members must attend an annual range safety briefing (RSB) before they can use the rifle/pistol range without Range Safety Officer (RSO) supervision. Junior members are encouraged to attend an RSB. This is not a new rule and was in effect in 2016. It is an essential refresher of range rules and safe use. At the RSB, members will be required to read and sign the liability waiver form.  Note:  The RSB is not new member orientation.

Members and spousal members may continue using the rifle/pistol range without RSO supervision until 1 May 2017 if they attended a 2016 RSB. After this date they must have attended a 2017 RSB. Past attendance at a 2016 RSB is signified by a small hole punched in your badge. In 2017, you will have a blue RSB-17 sticker attached to your badge. Members are encouraged to remind others of the requirement if they see them using the range without current RSB certification.

Range safety briefings will be held:

  • After the monthly Cowboy Silhouette matches.  Click Cowboy Silhouette for dates and times.
  • After the monthly Long Range Silhouette matches.  Click Long Range Silhouette for dates and times.
  • On Thursdays during the weekly work party from around 9:30 until about 12 Noon.
  • At the conclusion of new member orientation sessions. Existing members are welcome.  These sessions are not on the calendar and are by invitation only.

Contact membership@seattlerifle.org for more information or an invitation to orientation.

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