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Letter from the President, Fall 2016

11/18/2016 11:57 AM | Anonymous

Dear Members,       November 18, 2016 

You will be getting your renewals soon. The annual dues have increased $25.00.  The website will also generate an invoice for the volunteer hours that you are missing.  The way it looks the majority of the membership will be invoiced an extra $100.00 because we have no record of your minimum 10 hour volunteer requirement. The hours log has been available at all work parties, at the shotgun range and for the Thursday work parties. It is your responsibility to put down your hours. We waived this last year but will not this year. If you have questions about your hours the only way to contact us is membership@seattlefifle.org.  We will be sending an email showing you your hours prior to the renewal invoice sent out.

The hour log is located in the cabinet with the sign in sheets. If you help set up for a match, take down, fill the wheel barrow with wood, whatever you do log your hours to avoid the assessment. There is still time to get in some hours the Thursday work parties can always use extra help. I understand that this will not sit well with some. We will probably lose some members that is the choice they will have to make.

We are depending on our new membership website to process renewals this year.  Be sure to check your junk mail.  Renewal hard copy invoices will only be sent to members who do NOT have an email address.  If you wish to be mailed an invoice.  Please email membership@seattlerifle.org.



Club matches are back in session. The bullseye match was held on Sunday Nov. 6. High power match was held on Saturday the 12th with a good turnout for how bad the weather was. Saturday the 19th is the Cowboy Silhouette match and Sunday the 20th is the small bore silhouette matches. Saturday the 26th is the long range small bore silhouette match. Since we have had a full year with all matches we will hold our Annual awards dinner on February 25 2017 to recognize club members in their disciplines of competition.  Shotgun has been in full swing and when the weather permits the turnout has been very good. Shotgun is planning on holding two PITA competitions this coming year. Last year’s event was very well attended and the club received great feedback on it.



We had a good turnout for hunter sight in. It was held the last two weekends in September and the first two weekends in October. This a great service that we provide to the public and everyone that attended was very grateful that we are back open. Many of them had been coming to hunter sight in for many years. Also we had several requests for applications or our web address. I want to thank the RSO’s and volunteers that made it great experience for the people that attended.



We accomplished a tremendous amount of work at the four work parties. Many thanks to the members that participated in the work parties or helped with hunter sight in. I truly appreciate your help and interest in keeping the club looking great. The work parties and the Thursday work group are what keep the club maintained and we can always use more help and make the club even better. Dates for the 2017 work parties are Saturday April 1 2017, June 3 2017 and August 5 2017. The fall work party date TBD.



Now that the berm is done now we have turned our attention to the rest of the safety improvements that we have been talking about. We are exploring baffle designs and how we can separate the pistol range from the rifle range and the archery range from the rifle range. All this takes money and our only source of income is the members. Yearly dues and match fees is what the range survives on and we need long term plans for the improvements. We welcome anyone who would like to help with these projects. We are just in the planning stages now and looking for a design that we can afford to move forward with.

Any questions, please email me at president@seattlerifle.org

Kevin Knowles


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