Cowboy Rifle and Hunter Pistol Silhouette Matches

Match details:
  • See the Calendar for dates and times. Normally the 3rd Saturday of each month except September and October. (Always the Saturday of the same weekend as the Smallbore Silhouette. So on months where the 1st is a Sunday this match will be held on the Second Saturday.)
Entry Fee:
  • $10.00 per match.
  • $5.00 per match for Juniors (under 18).
  • NRA score record book will be required for those who wish to compete for classification or match winner. Record books will be available at NRA price.
Match details:
  • The matches are open to all competitors; NRA membership is not required. Advanced Entries are not required.
  • Entries are open until the start of the first relay. Sign up starts at 9:00 a.m.
    Sight-in starts at 9:30 a.m.
    Matches start at 10:00 a.m.
    After the smallbore matches complete, there will be a short break before the pistol cartridge matches.
  • After this break, there will be a 30-minute sight-in period for pistol cartridge cowboy lever action and hunter pistol matches.
  • Sign up for the pistol cartridge matches ends at the end of this sight-in period.
  • After completion of the pistol cartridge matches, competitors are expected to assist with cleanup of the matches.
  •     Smallbore cowboy rifle silhouette and smallbore hunter's pistol silhouette matches will be fired concurrently.
  •     Pistol cartridge lever action rifle silhouette and hunter's pistol silhouette matches will be fired concurrently.
  •     Current NRA rules will apply when shooting for score. See the Rifle and Pistol rules at for equipment requirements.
  •     If you don't have the correct equipment, the match can still be shot for fun:
    Smallbore Rifle/Pistol Match Any .22, any sight
    Pistol Cartridge Rifle/Pistol Match Any pistol cartridge carbine or rifle.
    Note that .223/5.56 is not considered a pistol cartridge!
  • NRA classification will be used.
  • Competitors who do not wish to compete for classification and match winner may fire non-official scores, and are not required to have or purchase an NRA silhouette score book.
Course of fire:
  •     10 shots (2 strings of 5 shots each) at chickens - 40 meters
  •     10 shots (2 strings of 5 shots each) at pigs - 50 meters
  •     10 shots (2 strings of 5 shots each) at turkeys - 75 meters
  •     10 shots (2 strings of 5 shots each) at sheep - 100 meters
  •     Competitors will be required to score for opposite relay.
  •     Will be based on the number of entries.
  •     Match winner
  •     1st - 3 entries in a class
  •     2nd - 4 to 6 entries in a class
  •     3rd - 7 to 9 entries in a class
  •     4th - 10 to 12 entries in a class
  •     If there are less than three competitors in a class they will be combined with the next higher class.
        Masters will compete for Match Winner only if there are less than three in the class.

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