ATTENTION: Some new rules and procedures are in effect now that the baffle is in place. The President has already shared the new rules and procedures with all members via email. Please read the new rules and procedures carefully. Members can find a copy of the new rules here.

  • Open bolt indicators are required for firearms on the firing line and in the racks
  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use
  • BOLTS SHALL NOT BE CLOSED until the muzzle is pointed at the target backstop berms
  • RED SAFETY LIGHTS must be activated during all cease fire
  • No one is allowed between the RED and YELLOW lines during a cease fire unless going down range to the targets
  • Ear protection is required
  • Eye protection is highly recommended
  • Shoot only CLUB approved targets on approved target stands.  Cans, bottles, rocks, wood, exploding targets, man-shaped silhouettes or pictures are prohibited as targets.
  • Only one firearm on the firing line at a time.
  • Load ammunition into the firearm only at the firing line
            • Rapid fire is prohibited (Minimum 2 seconds between shots)  except in competition
            • ABSOLUTELY no firearms handling during a cease fire.
            • 50BMG firearms are prohibited
            • Full automatic or simulated auto-fire are prohibited
            • Shotguns are prohibited on rifle or pistol range unless firing slugs. Slugs are permitted on the rifle range only)
            • Rifle ammunition is prohibited on the pistol range. This includes 5.56/.223
            • Obstacle course type pistol or quick draw shooting is prohibited
            • Smoking, alcoholic beverage and drugs are prohibited on the property
            • Cross-bows are prohibited on the archery range (cross-bows are permitted on the rifle range)
            • No steel core, armor piercing, incendiary, HE, or tracer ammunition allowed on the range
  • Members are responsible for direct supervision of their guests on all ranges
  • Members are limited to 2 guests total per membership on the rifle/pistol line.
  • Members are responsible for inspecting the Baffles, Buildings and Support structures in their lane before and after they shoot to ensure no bullet strikes occurred.
  • If a bullet strike does occur the Club Member is responsible to report the incident immediately to the club President and follow the procedures posted at the sign-in book.
  • A bullet strike on the Baffles, Buildings, or any Support Structures will result in disciplinary action including some or all of the following: Monetary Fines, Suspension from club, Loss of guest privileges, and possible dismissal from club.
  • Prone position shooting from the ground is only permitted during SRPA club sanctioned matches and at the discretion of the RSO running the match.
  • Daily prone shooting is only allowed from the two shooting platforms.
  • Club provided steel targets at 200 meters are rated for all calibers below 50 BMG
  • During SRPA sanctioned matches steel targets will not be placed closer than 50 yards from firing line. Caliber fired during match is governed by the RSO running the match.
  • Members may bring their own steel targets providing that the targets are:
      • NO CLOSER than 50 yards from firing line
      • 22 Long Rifle, 22 Long, or 22 Short ammunition ONLY
  • Members shall wear their club badges at all times. This requirement does not apply during organized events and organized work parties
  • ALL RANGES are closed on Thursdays, no exceptions
  • Range hours 9:30am to 7pm or 1 hour before sunset whichever comes first (closing hours posted at sign in)
  • Clean up after yourself.  (sweep up brass, remove your trash, etc.)
  • Your membership or guest privileges may be terminated for violations of any of the above rules and any common safety rules whether posted or not.

Revised January 2022

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