Why might pistol/rifle shooting be prohibited at this time for me?

The Rifle and Pistol ranges remain closed to members who have not completed the safety orientation on the Rifle and Pistol ranges. At the end of the orientation the member must sign a release agreement and have their badge punched. The member will then be permitted to use the range during regular shooting hours when the range is not otherwise closed for a scheduled competitive event or for maintenance. Please contact to schedule. Going forward this will be completed as part of the renewal process each year.

Shotgun, High Power, archery and classroom activities remain on the schedule and calendar. All these ranges are closed except for scheduled activities, except archers may use the flat range and shotguns may use the pattern boards during regular hours. SOP will have more details.

Can I use the 200 yard range yet?

The 200 yard lanes are open to members only at this time.

Is the range open to the public?

Rifle and pistol ranges are not open to the general public except for hunter sight-in weekends in September and October and all competitive events. We usually refer public target shooting to the Kenmore Gun Range located in Bothell, WA or Everett Sportsman's Club on Ebey Island, Everett WA. NRA membership is required to nationally register your competitive scores. NRA membership is recommended, but not required for these events.

The Shotgun and Archery ranges are open to the general public during scheduled events only. Please check with their respective range hours and fee schedules.

Is the range open to members around scheduled event hours?

Scheduled matches, work parties and maintenance activities take priority over general member/guest use of the ranges.
All ranges are closed on Thursdays, and for Quarterly announced work days. 
Shotgun: The shotgun range may be used by members and non-members only during scheduled trap shooting times, normally 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon on Friday and Saturday. The Patterning board is available though outside these hours.
Rifle/Pistol range: (25 to 200 yards): The covered rifle/pistol range pavilion is available during non-event hours from 9:30 am until 7 pm or 1 hour before sunset whichever is earlier. Time is posted near range house entrance.
500 yard / High Power Range: The upper (long range) covered pavilion is available for use ONLY during scheduled high power events or associated practice.
Archery: The Archery flat range is open to members during daylight hours when it is safe to shoot. A limited 3-D course along the South/east property line is open these same hours. All other 3-D Coursed and targets are only to be used during scheduled archery events.

Can I arrange an exclusive tactical group event at your facility?

No. The Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association is a private fraternal and competition oriented Club and it's ranges are not available for non-member exclusive use.

Further, use of rifles and handguns for tactical-type shooting activities on the range is not in accordance with existing range rules, as would also be the use of non-bullseye, tactical type targets. Our insurance coverage specifically excludes the type of tactical training activity proposed.

Please do be aware that all scheduled events (as shown on the Range Calendar) are open to everyone and provide a number of options for shooting different disciplines.

Do I bring my own clays during Shotgun range hours?

No. Clay targets are included to the per-round trap shooting fee.

What shotgun shells are permitted for use on the trap ranges?

Shot size 7 1/2 or smaller
2 3/4" shells only. Competition handicap loads or lighter loads are acceptable.
No Magnum loads
Lead shot only, no steel shot allowed.

Are you a sanctioned NRA Facility?

Yes. We observe all NRA Competition Shooting Program Rules during our hosted events. Please check the range calendar for schedules. We will submit your NRA score book for national NRA classifications.

NRA Score books are available to be purchased at our events.

Why is there one shot at a time and a 2 seconds rule between shots requirements on the range?

The range rules encourage single round loading when feasible, and a 2 second pause between shots, except for established matches and competitions. The intent is to minimize the risk of a round inadvertently leaving the range (as is the rule that the barrel be pointed into the backstop before closing the action). SRPA wants everyone to be able to enjoy coming out and shooting with us. These rules ensure safety and lower the annoyance factor to fellow shooters and neighbors of the range.

When are the membership fees due?

Annual membership fees are due by January 31 of each year.
Each member must both pay the fees due and submit supporting documentation to continue membership. Before using the range each year every member must also complete the required range safety overview. Dues can be paid online or through the mail. Please follow the instructions provided in the notice.

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