Machias High Power Rifle (HPR) Match/Practice Information

Thank you for your interest. All matches and practice sessions are OPEN to the public and all members. Refer to the calendar for costs, and specific dates.

  • Safety is paramount. At SRPA, your rifle must be pointed at the target when you have a live round in the chamber.
  • Read and know the NRA HPR Rifle rules:

  • All rifles must have been zeroed before arriving. Zero at least 200 yards.
  • Rifles Allowed: Match rifles, Service rifles, Any rifle with Iron sites, F-Class and T/R class

High Power Rifle Match

$15 to $25 depending on match type, see calendar.

High Power Rifle matches are fired with any center fire rifle, any sight, at 500 yards from a prone position. At Machias we shoot a 60 shot Prone course of fire, minimum 66 rounds needed.
Match completed in Three (3) strings of fire w/ 2 sighters and 20 shots for record.

Please be at the clubhouse by 0900 to get signed in (Registration from 0830 to 0910). Safety brief around 0910. First round down range at 0930.

High Power Practice Sessions

Always $10 to participate.

High Power Rifle practice sessions may be fired with any rifle, any sight, from a prone or bench rest position.
Be on site no later than 12:30 at the 500 yd line. (Registration from 12:15 to 12:45). Safety brief around 12:50. First round goes down range at 1:00pm

Dates: Please click Calendar for dates and times.

Read the Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association SOP: (Link coming soon)

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