Long Range Silhouette, Rimfire

Long range silhouette is fired on metallic, animal-shaped targets at four distances. The objective is to knock down the targets in sequence. One point is awarded for each knock-down. A knock-down out of sequence or when you manage to hit a target without knocking it off of the rail is counted as a miss.

This is known as a fun match. We want you to come out with whatever 22 rifle you already have, shoot, and above all, to enjoy yourself. Prizes are limited to bragging rights. It is quite a challenge to shoot a 22 at over 200 yards and hit something. Mother Nature can easily blow your bullet off course, but she can’t dampen our fun - we shoot from a covered firing line!

Match Schedule

Please check the Calendar.  Matches are usually held on the 4th Saturday of each month, but may change due to other events.

  • You must check in before 9:00am
  • Shooting begins at 9:30am
  • Firing and scoring are usually completed by 1:00pm

Entry Fee

  • $10.00 per match.
  • $5.00 per match for Juniors (under 18).

Match details

  • Safety is the ultimate rule.
  • Chamber safety flags and hearing protection are required. Eye protection is strongly recommended. Chamber flags are available for purchase at the range.
  • You do not need to be a club member to participate.

Firearm and Ammunition

  • Any 22 LR rifle with any sight.
  • Limited to 22 Long Rifle standard or high velocity, other cartridges or hyper-velocity 22 Long Rifle are not allowed due to target damage.
  • A minimum of 40 rounds, plus extra rounds for sighters or practice.

Course of fire

  • Typically two relays, more relays are added based on shooter turnout.
  • Shooters are paired up – one shoots while one scores, then roles are reversed.
  • After firing, shooters go forward to reset targets. Don't worry if you have mobility concerns; there are always plenty of people to help with target setting.
  • Once targets are reset, the next relay shoots.
  • After the relay is complete, shooters move to the next bank of 10 targets.
  • 40 targets total
10 chickens at 50 meters
10 pigs at 100 meters
10 turkeys at 150 meters
10 rams at 200 meters
  • Ten minutes for each distance
Includes sight-in time on swinger targets.
After sight-in, indicate you’re going for score.
After 10 shots for score, you may continue to fire for the remaining time for fun and practice.

Shooting positions

  • Chickens are usually shot standing, with other animals shot either off of a bench, prone or kneeling..
  • Bipods and sand bags are allowed.


Targets are steel NRA Smallbore Pistol silhouette targets. The chicken is 1/2 scale, and the pig, turkey, and ram are 3/8ths scale:

For additional information: bob@seattlerifle.org

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