Summer Smallbore Night League Match

Match dates:
Please check the Calendar!  Scheduled for Every Wednesday Night from 7 pm to 10 pm Beginning on June 7th, 2017 and ending Wednesday July 26th, 2017. There will be no match on July 5th.

Entry Fee:
  • $40.00, One time fee to join for the duration of the league.
Match details:
  • Conventional NRA prone rules
  • Equipment:  Any sight including scopes, any safe trigger per the prone rules, slings recommended
  • Course of fire:  20 minute time limit at each distance includes unlimited sighters and 20 shots for record
A. 20 shots at 100yds on NRA A-25 targets w/ 2 inch 10 ring.
B. 20 shots at 50 meters on NRA A-50 targets w/ 10mm 10 ring.
  • Matches will be shot prone. Bring your shooting mats, blankets, etc...
  • 2 Champions will be determined.
A. The overall champion will be determined by the highest total score for 5 of the matches.
B. The handicap champion will be determined by the highest total score including handicap.
Handicap will be 75% of the difference between a shooters average and a perfect score.
Example:  Scratch score = 365, Average 350, Perfect score 400, (50*.75)=37.5, Total score =365+37.5 = 402.5.
  • The matches are open to all competitors; NRA membership is not required.
More Information:  Send email to webmaster or membership and your questions will be forwarded to the match director.

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