Archery Flat Range & 3-D Range Rules

  • ·        All archers and guests must sign-in on the flat range shooter Log-in. Guests must sign a guest waiver and place it in the shooters Log-in book.
  • ·        The archery range can be used during daylight hours with the exception of Thursdays when all the ranges are closed for the Thursday work party. Also, the 3D “A” course is closed on Friday and Saturday before and during the Shotgun trap shoot which starts at 9:30am.
  • ·        Arrows should only be nocked on the shooting line and always pointed down range.
  • ·        While drawing the bow, keep the bow arm level and arrow pointed below the top of the target No “Sky Draw”.
  • ·        Never shoot arrows unless you are positive no one is in front of or behind the targets.
  • ·        Only retrieve arrows during an agreed upon cease fire – call “Clear” before moving down range to retrieve arrows. Call “Clear” before resuming fire.
  • ·        If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, leave your arrows in the target so those on the shooting line can see them. If possible, have one of your group stand in front of the target to prevent anyone from shooting.
  • ·        When pulling arrows out of the target, stand to one side and insure that no one is directly behind you.
  • ·        DO NOT shoot arrows with broadheads at the target butts or 3-D targets.
  • ·        On the 3-D course be sure to stay on the marked trails and travel only in the direction in which the targets are laid out. Hang your bow(s) on the bow hanger near the shooting stake so that shooters arriving at the target know you are retrieving your arrow(s).
  • ·        When shooting the ”A” 3-D course behind the trap range you must place the “Trap Range Closed – Archer On The Course” sign on the road leading to the trap range in addition to the rectangular white “trap range closed” sign which needs to be hung from the middle trap chair. Please add your name on the white board that is attached to the trap range closed sign before entering the 3D “A” course and erase it when you complete this course. Return the signs to the archery flat range when you finish the course. The 3D “A” course is closed on Friday and Saturday morning before and during the Shotgun trap shoot.
  • ·        Never shoot a bow when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.                                   No drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range.

Archery Guest Fees and Rules

  • ·        Adults - Flat Range & 3-D Course Fee …………………………. $10.00
  • ·        Youth - Flat Range and 3-D Course Fee (15 and Under) ……… $5.00
  • ·        Guests must be accompanied by their sponsoring member on both the flat range and 3-D courses.
  • ·        Guest shooters must sign the guest waiver and follow all the range rules posted above. Guest waivers are in the shooters Log-In book.
  • ·        Place Guest fees in the lock box.
  • ·        Shoot from the stakes only – no exceptions! (All 3-D Shooters).
  • ·        One arrow per target, hit or miss - no exceptions! (All 3-D Shooters).
Thank you for your cooperation.

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