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  1. All members/guests must sign-in. (This includes observers.)
  2. Guests must sign the waiver. (Including observers)  Waivers are located in the sign-in log book.
  3. Shooters must follow all the range rules. (They are posted and linked below.)
  4. The archery flat range and 3D courses can be used during daylight hours as long as it's safe to shoot with the exception of Thursdays when all the ranges are closed for the work party and the 3D “A” course is closed on Friday and Saturday morning before and during the Shotgun trap shoot.
  5. Archery Ranges are closed for other scheduled work days, Club special activities, and any other time as directed by Club board or Officers.

The Seattle Rifle & Pistol Association (SRPA) Archery range consists of the flat range shooting area and the "A" and "B" 3-D courses.

The "B" 3-D course is located on the eastern edge of the property and includes eleven animal targets that are set up for shooting year round. 

The "A" 3-D course, located behind the trap range, also contains eleven targets and is open and maintained year round.

Please see the Archery Range Rules and SOP for additional details.

The goal of the Archery range at SR&P is to provide a safe and comfortable setting for the members, guests, and observers of the club. The General Rules/Safety Procedures adopted from the NFAA (National Field Archery Association). The archery range safety rules are posted at the flat range shooting area and must be followed by all shooters.

The guest fee for the archery range is $10 per person per day. (Only for those shooting, observers are free.)  Place guest fees in the lock box at the flat range

LINKS: (All members and guests are responsible to have read and follow all rules and procedures in the two documents below.)

Archery Range Rules 1-17-18.pdf
SR_P Archery Range SOP 1-17-18.pdf

For more information or questions please contact the archery chair(s) at archery@seattlerifle.org also feel free to cc webmaster@seattlerifle.org if you do not get a fairly short response.

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