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The purpose of this document is to familiarize members with the Archery Ranges.  This document covers such topics as physical operations and various safety rules.









The Seattle Rifle & Pistol Association (SR&P) Archery Range consists of the flat range shooting area and the A and B 3-D courses. The B 3-D course is located on the eastern edge of the property and includes eleven animal targets. The A 3-D course also consists of eleven animal targets behind the trap range. The goal of the Archery range at SR&P is to provide a safe and comfortable setting for the members, guests, and observers of the club. The General Rules/Safety Procedures adopted from the NFAA (National Field Archery Association) and provided in this document are established to ensure we meet this goal. The Archery Range safety rules are posted at the flat range shooting area and must be followed by all shooters. NO EXCEPTIONS!




The Archery Chairman manages the general operation of the archery range. The Chairman, with the help of member archers, shall maintain all equipment and assets necessary to operate the archery range.  Non-scheduled or informal use of the range is restricted to the discretion of the Archery Chairman and the SRPA President.  The Archery Chairman and the SRPA President approves the fees and scheduling associated with the use of the range. The Chairman is responsible for requesting budget approved funds for normal operational expenses from the President and Treasurer.. The Chairman must turn in the gross income and expense reports to the club Treasurer at regular club meetings.  




It is each Archers responsibility to know the range rules, handle his/her equipment appropriately, and shoot in a safe manner. This applies to members, guests and visitors. Any unsafe situations should be corrected immediately and be brought to the attention of the Archery Chairman. Failure to follow the range rules may result in suspension of shooting privileges.






Safety is of paramount importance to everyone using the archery range and it is the top priority of the SR&P.  Any person utilizing the range must adhere to the safe handling and use of archery equipment. The following rules and safety procedures will be followed by all recreational shooters and enforced by all members.


1.     The archery ranges can be used by members during daylight hours with the exception of Thursdays when all ranges are closed for the Thursday work party. The 3D “A” course is closed on Friday and Saturday before and during the Shotgun trap shoot which begins at 9:30am.

2.     Archers and Guests must sign-in at the flat range in the Archers Log-in. Guests must sign a guest waiver (located in the Log-in book) and file in the back of the Log book.

3.     When an archer is on the shooting line and an arrow has been nocked on the bow, the archer must always point the arrow down range toward the target.

4.      When an archer is drawing the bow, the bow arm should be kept level and the arrow pointed below the top of the target – no “sky draw”.

5.     Never shoot arrows until you are positive that no one is in front of or behind the targets.

6.     When more than one person is on the shooting line, archers should only retrieve arrows during an agreed upon cease fire, calling “Clear” before moving down range to retrieve arrows.

7.     When looking for a lost arrow behind a target butt, archers should leave their other arrows in the target so those on the shooting line can see them. If possible, have one of your group stand in front of the target to prevent anyone from shooting.

8.      When pulling arrows out of the target, stand to one side and insure that no one is directly behind you.

9.     On the 3-D course be sure to stay on the marked trails and travel only in the direction in which the targets are laid out. Do not backtrack on the trail or across an unmarked area which could put you in the path of a flying arrow.

10. Obey all signs posted on the range.

11.  Do not shoot arrows with broadheads at the target butts or 3-D targets. Members may shoot broadheads in the broadhead sand pit area only if there are no shooters on the flat range shooting line. Guests are not permitted to shoot broadheads on the range.

12. Crossbows are not allowed on the archery range. Crossbows are allowed on the rifle range and members must provide their own targets for shooting crossbows. All rifle range rules apply when shooting a crossbow on the rifle range.

13. Sponsored guests must pay the $10.00 adult guest fee ($5.00/Youth). The fee should be deposited in the lock box near the flat range. Members are fully responsible for the conduct and actions of their guests. Members will ensure that their guests comply with these and all other rules and the club “Code of Conduct” while on club property.

14. Never shoot a bow under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on the range.

15.   Any person not complying with the general rules and safety procedures or who becomes disruptive will be removed from the archery range and shooting privileges will be suspended until the matter is brought before the Board of Directors for adjudication.







The SR&P archery flat range has two covered shooting areas which constitute the shooting line for the flat range target butts. Targets are arranged in 10 yard increments from 10 to 70 yards.    



 The SR&P 3-D archery ranges consist of the B course located on the eastern edge   of the property and consisting of eleven year round animal targets. The B course can be expanded to 14 targets during the April to mid-August Monday night member and guests 3-D shoots. The A 3-D course is set up behind the trap range and is open and maintained year round. The 3D “A” course is closed on Friday and Saturday morning before and during the Shotgun trap shoot. When you shoot the A 3-D course behind the trap range you must place the “Trap Range Closed – Archer on The Course” sign on the road leading to the trap range in addition to the rectangular white “trap range closed” sign which needs to be hung from the middle trap chair while on the course. Return the signs to the archery flat range when you finish the course.



The SR&P Archery Range includes a metal storage container which houses miscellaneous hand tools and the 3-D animal targets.  All archery range equipment and targets are the property of SR&P and may not be altered or removed from the range without prior permission of the Archery Chairman and the SR&P BOD.





The archery flat range is maintained by the Archery Chairman and member archers. The 3-D courses are updated and maintained at the annual spring work party, including the re-setting of the 3-D targets as well as trail clearing and signage updates. The 3-D course and trails are maintained throughout the year by the Archery Chairman and member archers.






In the event of an emergency the following guidelines should be followed:


   Call 911 for physical emergencies.  Members shall guide the proper authorities in order to assist the situation.

   SR&P Officials shall be contacted regarding the situation.

   The situation shall be properly documented using a SRP Injury Report Form.



                          INJURY REPORT FORM



Name____________________Date of Injury___________


Address__________________Time of Injury___________




Describe nature and extent of injury




Describe how the injury occurred




Describe first aid given




First aid was provided by (include name and phone numbers)




Disposition (specify name of hospital and time of transport)




Notification of kin (specify time, person contacted and method)


Location of incident and conditions of area ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was protective equipment worn (if applicable) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Describe steps taken to preserve the scene (equipment, photographs, etc.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Witness (name)____________________________phone__________________







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