High Power Rifle (HPR) Practice Sessions

Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association high power practice sessions are intended to promote the sport of NRA High Power competitions and encourage participation in High Power matches.

All NRA High Power 500 yard matches are shot prone with either a sling or front and rear rests. Shooting from a bench is allowed in practice and may be allowed in a match if the individual's circumstances warrant. Electronic targets will be used in the practices.


Post-match practices scheduled on Saturdays will start 30 to 60 minutes after completion of match, approximately 14:00. Practice sessions scheduled on Fridays will start at 13:00. See the calendar for details on when practice sessions are scheduled.


The cost to participate in a practice session is $10 per shooter.


  • You must have a 500 yard zero on your rifle in order to participate. Hold-over is not allowed! You must use your scope (or sights) to adjust your elevation to 500 yards.
  • All shooters will make use of a front and rear rest. Shooting in an unsupported position, either front or rear, whether from a bench, ground, or offhand, is not permitted. Backpacks, coats, etc. are not acceptable rests. Harris bipods and Edgewood style rear bags are recommended and will be available on a limited basis. Sand bags rests will be allowed if, in the opinion of the RSO, they provide a safe and stable platform.
  • The only exception to this rule is if you present an NRA classification card and are shooting "match style" (i.e., using a sling). If you do not have an NRA classification card ("unclassified"), but are practicing "match style", this may be permitted if you are supervised by an experienced competitor.
  • If you fail to hit the target with your first shot, you will be asked to cease fire and pull your gear off the firing line. At which time you may ask a volunteer to help you get on target on the manual target at the end of the line.
  • Muzzle brakes will be allowed during practice only at the discretion of the RSO.
  • Muzzle brakes are NOT allowed in matches.
  • Empty chamber indicators (ECI) are required on all uncased rifles at all times except during the preparation period and live firing.

How to set your 500 yard zero at 100 yards

  1. Before the practice day, establish a solid 100 yard zero
  2. Adjust scope elevation up 9 moa.
  3. Test fire and adjust until your group is 9 inches higher than the 100 yard zero group.
  4. If your firearm can group 1 moa or better this will put you safely on target at 500 yards.

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