What is Bullseye Pistol?

What is Bullseye Pistol, you might ask?  In Bullseye, we shoot at a Bullseye (round targets, with a black center), on fixed stands. At the Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association, we shoot the standard NRA National Match Course.

National Match Course

The National Match Course is a three gun event.

  •     .22 long rifle pistol
  •     Any center fire pistol
  •     .45 pistol (Note that a .45 pistol is a center fire pistol, and can be used in the "any center fire" portion of the match.)

The NRA rules specify shooting with one hand.  If you are unable to do so, you are still welcome to come out and shoot with us, using two hands.  Your score will be an unofficial score, of course, but you will be able to work on your shooting skills.

If you only have a .22 long rifle caliber pistol, you are still welcome to shoot.  You can shoot all stages of the match, but only your .22 scores will be counted. If all you have is a center fire pistol other than a .45, you will be allowed to shoot the "any center fire" and .45 stages. Only the "any center fire" scores will be counted. Similarly, If all you bring is a .45 pistol, you will be allowed to shoot the "any center fire" and .45 stages and both scores will be counted.

Courses of Fire

There are three courses of fire with each gun.  These are:

  •     10 rounds slow fire at 50 yards. Ten minutes are allowed.
  •     10 rounds timed fire at 25 yards, shot in two five round strings. You are allowed 20 seconds per string.
  •     10 rounds rapid fire at 25 yards, shot in two five round strings. You are allowed 10 seconds per string.

All courses are shot first with the .22 long rifle pistol, then the "any center fire" pistol, then the .45, in that order.

The matches are informal and not registered with the NRA.  We do have a competition among SRPA club members.  Non members are welcome to shoot, but their scores don’t count toward the club competition.  The match entry fee is $10.00, with the winner taking the $10.00 prize.

Bullseye Pistol matches are run on the first Sunday of the month, February through August, and the first Sunday in November.  Matches start at 9:30 AM.  There is registration and a pre-match safety briefing at 0915.  After the match, we put away all match equipment, and clean the area of all brass, trash, etc.

It’s hard to shoot a pistol well, but if you work at it, you will improve your shooting  skills.  If you think you would like to try Bulls Eye Pistol, we welcome you to come out and join us for a match.


Please click Calendar for match dates and times.

More Information:

Click for SRPA Bullseye Pistol safety briefing information.

For additional information: bob@seattlerifle.org

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